Minimalist dog

This is our puppy, Hugo.


Dogs have it right. They don’t need much. Food, water, a place to sleep, and love are all they require to be blissfully happy. Exercise releases more joy than new toys. Praise and hugs mean more than treats. They’re excited and grateful for dinner every night, even if it’s the same old thing. They would be edgy and uncomfortable on the kingliest bed alone in a castle, but are totally content to lie on the bare floor near their family.

Hugo’s possessions: Collar and leash, crate, bed and blanket, food and water bowls, Chuck-It, toothbrush, Nylabone, antler, Kong, Seahawks bandana (thanks to his Seattleite grandma), and a stuffed pheasant that honks. It’s all he needs and more. He’s a happy, healthy puppy who exudes love for everyone he meets. And also for ice cubes.

If only we were all a little more like dogs.


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