Craigslist vs. Goodwill

I have a minimalist conundrum.

My husband and I got married recently, and although I did my best to use recycled or reused items for décor, we did have a few decorative things that we will never use again, like paper lanterns, tablecloths, and napkins. I put them on Craigslist right after our honeymoon, and there have been a couple of nibbles…but no bites yet. (Though I do have someone coming on Friday for the lanterns, yay!)

12105991_10153304930658983_6626677139474085249_n (2)
The lanterns, tablecloths, and napkins in question.

Naturally, as a minimalist, I’m getting frustrated with having three big boxes of décor sitting around, as well as my wedding dress (which I’m also trying to sell) and (not wedding related) our old set of pots and pans that we just replaced with recyclable and durable stainless steel. There’s all this bulky stuff hanging around in this 600sqft apartment!

So I’m debating: Keep listing the stuff and make a few dollars back toward our wedding costs, or just donate it all and be done with it. It’s a tough call. (I’m also a little irritated that I’d have to pay to get my wedding gown cleaned even if I donate it…but at least donating it would be a good tax write-off.)

Basically, this is my conundrum. Is making an extra couple hundred bucks worth the hassle? Or is the space worth accepting that this stuff is a sunk cost and donating the lot all at once?

I don’t know yet. What do you think?


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