Minspiration Monday

On Mondays, I post something minimalism-related that inspires me (minimalism + inspiration, get it?). It could be anything: a simple recipe, a piece of furniture that woos the eye, an article that caught my attention… feel free to post your own minspiration in the comments!

Today, I discovered the Chrysalis Cardigan. Remember like three years ago when everyone was freaking out over infinity scarves and dresses? This is like that, only cooler. It’s an infinity scarf (the kind that’s a big fabric loop) that also transforms into a multitude of pieces: three different dresses, two different tops, several sweaters, plus a scarf… in the right color, it’d be the perfect addition to a minimalist wardrobe! Think of the pieces it could replace!


I’m partial to the plum, myself. It’s not cheap, but considering that the average person could probably replace half a dozen items with this one piece of clothing, the $128 might be worth it. It does beg the question, though: Is it truly simple living to have to design and form the piece of clothing you want to wear that day? Does one complicated piece of clothing fit the simple minimalist lifestyle better than six pieces of basic clothing?



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