Minute to Minimal

Minute to Minimal: Consistent color scheme

My husband and I live in a one-bedroom apartment, but we do have overnight guests on occasion. When that happens, we blow up a queen-size air mattress and move our coffee table, and our guests sleep in the living room. After our wedding, we decided to upgrade our guest bedspread—for frugality’s sake, we had been using Justin’s childhood comforter. As in, the one he had had and used for about fifteen years. It was huge and puffy, with a dizzying pattern of white stripes on bright blue, and frankly smelled a bit stale after so much use, even when we washed it.

When purchasing a new one, we were looking for a few things: a smaller profile, machine washable, excellent reviews, and, most importantly: that it matches our current bed set. We’ve decorated our bedroom in neutrals—the perfect greige that goes with both black and brown, as well as ivory and white—and soothing purple, with a little pop of green. It’s very fresh and relaxing, and makes the room feel both cozy and airy. We’ve already ensured that our two sets of linens complement our bedroom scheme and each other, so that if we wash one set of sheets, or have guests, our other sheets still contribute to the calm, coordinated feeling in our bedroom. We figured we should do the same with this new bedspread, in the event that we need to wash our current quilt.

After some research, we ended up getting a well-reviewed ivory and tan quilt on Amazon. Quilts tend to be thinner than comforters and are therefore much smaller to store; this one fits nicely in its 12”x16” package and opens up drawer space to store other things. Plus, the color goes well in our bedroom and out in our earth-toned living room, fitting into our home and our lives better than the big blue comforter.

Creating a consistent color scheme in your home is an easy, quick way to embrace minimalism. When everything coordinates, you don’t have to have lots of extras of things. In addition, consistency creates a calming effect. Lots of different colors and patterns create visual and mental noise, distracting you and pulling focus in different directions. If you can pick just a couple of colors that you love, you’ll enjoy an environment that allows you to think and breathe.


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