What did you get for Christmas?

Happy holiday week, everybody! I’ve been in Chicago with my husband’s family this past week, so I’m afraid I’ve gotten a bit behind. Sometimes it’s nice, though, to take a break from my normal online habits. But I’ve been dying to get back to my computer and write this post for you, so let’s get to it.


What did you get for Christmas?

Did you get peace? Did you get a helping hand from your kids as you prepared a family dinner? Did you receive time with those you love? A day off to sleep in and read a new book? The promise of a date night or concert or skydiving lessons in the near future? Did you get delicious cookies from your neighbor? Gratitude? If you got gifts, were they in line with your values?

More importantly, what did you give for Christmas?

Did you lend a hand to someone in need? Did you give your whole self to a conversation or meal or vacation? Did you give your sister a break by doing the dishes after she cooked your whole family Christmas dinner? Did you give your nephew the gift of wonder by driving him around to see Christmas lights?

These are the things that matter. Not only to us, but to other people. Time is so valuable, whether it’s time spent with you, or time to sit down and breathe, or time to enjoy life to the fullest. The gift of time, or adventure, or peace, may not be as fancy as a big wrapped present, but they are certainly the most appreciated. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrate it, and that you’ve planned the perfect way to finish out this full, busy 2015.


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