Minspiration Monday

MM: Buy Me Once

On Mondays, I post something minimalism-related that inspires me (minimalism + inspiration, get it?). It could be anything: a simple recipe, a piece of furniture that woos the eye, an article that caught my attention… feel free to post your own minspiration in the comments!

As a minsumer, I think a lot about what I buy. Since I don’t own many things, what I choose to buy has to be durable, since it will be used often. Besides, shopping for quality always pays for itself–no time spent dragging the item to repair shops, no money spent replacing a shoddy product every few months, no mental energy spent taking care of something so delicate or worrying about the environmental impact of repeated purchases.

So I was very excited to discover Buy Me Once, which endeavors to spread the word about products that have been designed to last a lifetime. It’s a great way to find excellent, ethical craftsmanship in places you never knew it existed, from clothes to cookware to teddy bears. I was excited to see that a brand I already support made it on the list: Darn Tough, a Vermont company that makes allegedly indestructible socks–and if you can manage to wear through them, they’ll replace them for life.

I’m wearing them now! My puppy is not.

Take a look and see which brands you love are there–and consider checking Buy Me Once before your next purchase. Small movements like this are how big change begins!


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