One Week Challenge

One shirt seven ways

I’ve been really enamored by the concept of a uniform lately. I have a super general uniform, you could say–skinny jeans and a looser top. But I’ve been wanting to try something a little more extreme, and with the help of this shirt, I’m going to do just that.


Feast your eyes on this delightful t-shirt. It’s wonderfully weird and I love it. I searched the internet to see if “I love biscuits and beats” was some sort of reference, but came up with nothing–so I’m forced to assume that the artist just thinks in strange ways like I do. That seemed like it was worthy of support.

Anyway, I’m challenging myself by wearing this shirt all week. Fortunately we’re having great weather for such a task–cool enough that I won’t sweat in it but warm enough that I can show it off. I’ll be styling it differently and posting my outfits on my Instagram every day this week in an effort to exercise my creativity within my own small wardrobe. Let’s see what happens!


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