Minspiration Monday

MM: Sustainable fashion

Last week, I was poking around on Buzzfeed for funny dog pictures, as you do. And I found them. But hidden among all the random throwaway articles was this awesome one about sustainable fashion. I am in love.

Look, Zady tells you where every part of your garment came from!

You may know that fast fashion is super problematic for a bunch of reasons. Garments from H&M and Forever 21 and similar stores are made to be trendy and cheap so that you can wear the in the moment and discard them when they’re “out.” They’re made poorly, so they go into the landfill much faster, and the plight of exploited workers around the world who make our cheap clothes is chilling. If you’d like to know more, John Oliver did a great segment on it that you can watch here.

So anyway, a little while back I made the decision to purchase clothing that is made with as little impact as possible. I haven’t actually bought clothing since I decided on that yet, but since I didn’t know the first thing about sustainable brands, this Buzzfeed guide is awesome. It describes what makes each of the 14 brands low-impact, which include eco-friendliness, being made in the USA, guaranteed ethical employment, using vegan or reclaimed materials, etc. And while you can expect to pay more for ethical fashion than you might normally pay elsewhere, some of these brands are quite affordable!

Check out the article and check out the brands to learn more about how responsible businesses practice. I especially love that Honest By tells you the carbon footprint of each garment.


Got any other sustainable clothing brands you’d like to recommend? I’d love to learn more!


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