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LIL: 4/29 edition


One of my favorite things to do over the weekend is check out Joshua Becker’s and Tammy Strobel’s suggested reads. It’s how I discover new blogs and expand my minimalist education, which is something I’m always looking to do. So I’ve decided to start a similar weekly roundup: five articles I read throughout the week and thought you’d love.

  1. How Minimalism Helped Me Start a Profitable Business (Essential Hustle)

Not just for entrepreneurs, this post discusses how minimalism affects focus, clarity, confidence, and prioritization.

Favorite line: “If what you have isn’t helping you, then what you have isn’t worth it.”


  1. A Simple Guide to a Simple Wardrobe (Simply + Fiercely)

You might already have a reference for creating your perfect wardrobe, but I bet it’s not as relatable and informative as this one.

Favorite line: “What’s the easiest way to find another book that you know you’ll love? Do you go through every book in the library and sort them into yes or no piles? Of course not.”


  1. A Guide to Zero Waste Camping (Treading My Own Path)

Camping already seems like a low-waste activity, but there are surprising pitfalls that this article can help you avoid.

Favorite line: “The suggestion from my husband that I possibly entertain the idea of bringing a tin of tomatoes on the trip almost ended in divorce.”


  1. 5 Ways Minimalism Can Help Your Wellness (No Sidebar)

Though this post is aimed at people with chronic illnesses, it’s full of great advice for everyone who wants to live a whole, healthy life.

Favorite line: “Clear the clutter, cultivate stillness, and identify the things that truly matter to you, and your body will often follow suit.”


  1. An Intro to Intentional Living: 7 Things You Need to Know (Simply + Fiercely)

I know I’m repeating authors, but I was struck by how simple yet profound this how-to is. It really made me think.

Favorite line: “Intentional living is asking yourself why you do things—and being happy with the answer.”


Tune in tomorrow for Part 3 of the Moving + Minimalism series, and next Friday for another installment of Links I’m Loving!


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