Minspiration Monday

Minspiration Monday: Panda Boxes

On Mondays, I share something minimalism-related that inspires me (minimalism + inspiration, get it?). It could be anything: a simple recipe, a piece of furniture that woos the eye, an article that caught my attention, etc. Feel free to post your own minspiration in the comments!


I recently discovered Panda Boxes, a Kansas City-based company that rents reusable moving boxes. Their products remove the need for cardboard, tape, etc. and can be used about 300 times before being recycled. I love this idea–it’s even better than U-Haul’s efforts to connect its customers to people who need boxes. The only bummer is that it’s only in the Kansas City area… but I hope it (and other companies like it) will spread across the country.

But the other day I discovered something even more exciting about Panda Boxes. As you know, I’m moving, and I strongly advocate getting rid of as much as possible before you go. One of the best ways to declutter is by donating your excess to people who need it, whether directly or through a charity service like Goodwill. My husband and I have been struggling to find old boxes in which to put our donations, but for people who are moving in the Kansas City area, you have a better option. Panda Boxes has partnered with Goodwill and now offers those who rent their products extra boxes for Goodwill donations–for free!

So, instead of scrounging up old cardboard boxes for your stuff, you can instead support two awesome companies in the Kansas City area while decreasing your use of the earth’s resources. Really, it’s a pretty good deal–and it inspires me.

What’s inspiring you this week?

Note: This isn’t an advertisement–no affiliate links or personal experience or anything. I just happen to really like what Panda Boxes stands for and hope that it expands nationwide someday!


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