Minspiration Monday

Minspiration Monday: Cait Flanders

On Mondays, I post about something minimalist that inspires me: a simple recipe, a beautiful piece of architecture, an informative article, anything that catches my eye. Maybe it will ‘minspire’ you too!


You know what I love to read about? Shopping bans. I find it so inspiring to see people experiment with anti-consumerism and gain insights from their challenges and successes. I’ve never tried one myself; every time I bring up the idea, my husband and I consider it and conclude that it wouldn’t change our habits much, because we don’t actually spend money on stuff very often. We’re way more likely to spend money on doing something than on procuring something. And as long as we’re staying within budget, I don’t think it’s an area we need to rein in.

But I enjoy reading about other people’s shopping bans nonetheless, and through Joshua Becker’s Uncluttered course (signups for the next one are happening now!), I learned about Cait Flanders, who runs a personal finance blog and successfully completed a two-year shopping ban last month. I definitely recommend reading about her journey into minimal, simple living–she’s one of the writers I really like because she’s down to earth, forthright, and relatable.

Read all about her shopping ban here, and check out her mindful finance tips while you’re at it. Happy Monday!


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