September goals: MBRG

It’s September!

autumn leaves.jpg

I’ve always liked September. It’s my birth month, it’s the month with the best weather, and, for most of my life, it meant “back to school” time. I was always excited to greet the new school year. New books, new clothes (this was before I discovered minimalism), new prospects: September, like New Year’s Day, was a time to start fresh and try new things.

So this month, even though I no longer go to school, I’m going to make a little fresh start with some goal-setting. It’s always fun to experiment with new ideas and see where they lead you, and a month is the perfect amount of time to do it: there’s a clear end date not too far away, but it’s enough time to create a new habit if you’re diligent about it.

There are four areas I’m always seeking to improve: mind, body, goals, and relationships. (Yes, I’m going to set goals in the “goals” category. I know. But I couldn’t think of a better term to encapsulate all my interests and plans and hopes, professionally and personally.) Here are my goals for September:

+ Get back into the habit of meditation by performing the Sadarshan kriya twice a week. I never felt more content than when I was taking time to do it every day.
+ Lead a weekly meditation session at work. I finally got permission to do so!

+ Get to/from work without a car twice a week, either by riding my bike (5 miles each way) or running (3.5 miles each way). Hopefully the advent of slightly cooler weather will make running home a less daunting prospect.
+ Have only one snack at work per day. You see, I sit right by the snack dispensers, which our sweet HR lady is always filling with M&Ms, nuts, gummi bears, Chex mix, etc…woe is me. It’s tempting!

+ Call a family member once a week. I tend to be terrible at keeping in touch, and don’t talk to me relatives nearly as often as I think about them.
+ Have TV-free dinner with my husband four times a week. It’ll be so nice out, we won’t have any excuse not to eat outside anyway!

+ Wake up early once a week to allow for at least 30 minutes of writing time. I used to love being awake—and creative—in the wee hours. I’d like to get that back.
+ Post to Minspiration three times a week. I so want to make posting here a consistent, long-term habit!
Looking at all these goals, it’s clear to me that there’s a theme: Taking the time. I have to shake off the idea that wholesome activities that preclude multitasking, like meditation and running, are a waste of productive time. Just because something takes time and focus, that doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time. A healthy mind and body, and good creative outlets, make me so much more productive. I just need to get back into the mindset that slowing down, and purposely taking time to single-ask and focus on my own wellness, is going to lead to better things.

What do you love about September? Are you setting any goals this month? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!


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