Minspiration Monday: Hygge


Ever heard the word “hygge?” I hadn’t until last week, when I stumbled upon this article. Hygge is a Scandinavian concept of wellness, a sort of “gratitude attitude” (a phrase which I’ll be using for both a future blog post and a hipster punk band). What I like about the concept of hygge is that it’s not about being completely wholesome, restrained, and disciplined in one’s search for wellness. It’s more of a combination of mindfulness and ‘treat yo’self.’

Notable quotes:

“Every country and family has their own version [of hygge]. It’s kind of a zen-like state. Think mindfulness 2.0. It’s about relishing the simple things in life, stepping back and noticing the things that matter, but instead of looking inwards as you’re encouraged to in context of traditional mindfulness or meditation, it’s centred on looking outwards, restoring yourself socially and simple, everyday indulgences. It’s not concerned with perfection, it’s all about appreciation and living life well, but not necessarily by the book.”

“In a way it’s a rejection of the whole ‘clean living’ movement. For instance you can really love the latest superfood, without the associated shunning of pleasure and enjoyment that tends to accompany wellness fads. When I was growing up we ate well, but I never remember being worried about the size of my thighs, and no one else around me seemed to be anxious about that kind of thing either. Hygge allows us to counter the craziness of the health, fashion and beauty industries especially- it’s very grounding.”

“[Hygge is] not fussy or materialistic, and it’s definitely not about wealth. In its essence, it’s about balance, self-sufficiency and a certain degree of ‘healthy hedonism.'”

Healthy Hedonism would also be an excellent band name.

Read more about hygge here. But do ignore the call at the bottom of the article to buy stuff to achieve hygge. Deprivation is not what hygge is, but neither is needless consumerism!

What do you think of the concept? Is this something you would categorize your lifestyle as, or something that you’d like to apply to it? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!


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