Minspiration Monday: Sculpture Desks

You’ve heard of standing desks. You’ve heard of treadmill desks. Now take a look at the frankly awesome and mildly hilarious concept of sculpture desks.

sculpture desk.png

As you probably know, sitting at a desk all day is terrible for your health, and being able to move around and change positions is good for creativity, focus, and overall health. That’s the idea behind these wacky sculpturesque desks–they allow for a free-flowing workplace where people can shift about to find the perfect place and position to suit their personal lighting, comfort, and health needs.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t work well confined to a single desk. I’m lucky enough to have a laptop, so I’m constantly ranging about, working on my office’s patio or in the lunchroom or at a standing desk across the building or on a comfy couch in a conference room. The change of scenery just serves to motivate me better than my cold, darkish desk.

sculpture desk 2.png

Even though I don’t care overmuch for the stereotypical minimalist aesthetic (all white, sharp lines, like the picture above), I can also appreciate the artistry of it in a workplace. Visual clutter is distracting. Having a mutable workspace like this one would not only encourage more interaction and a greater sense of community through shared space and better sightlines to your coworkers, but soothe your eye and prevent your mind from jumping about as well.

Promoting better health, distraction-free clean lines, and community in the workplace? Sign me up.

Read more about sculpture desks over at TEDx Innovations. Hate the idea? Love the look? What do you think? Let’s talk about it on Twitter!


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