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Links I’m Loving: 9/23/16


This week was an exciting one for me, minimalism-wise. I was extremely gratified to see several hundred views of this week’s blog posts and am newly encouraged to fulfill my September goal of publishing articles at least three times a week. The Sacramento meetup group (find one near you!) also met for the first time last night, and it was awesome to be back in good company. I feel completely reinvigorated.

I’ve also come across a bevy of great, inspiring articles this week that I’m excited to share. So here you go: this week’s roundup of links I’m loving.

Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed (David Cain)

Summary: Back at a day job after nine months of traveling, David Cain has some thoughts about how working standard hours affects our spending. I was amazed by the breadth of the article; he covers everything from offhand purchases thanks to guaranteed income to advertising strategies to the impact of the standard work week on our health. Definitely a must-read.

Notable quote: “We’ve been led into a culture that has been engineered to leave us tired, hungry for indulgence, willing to pay a lot for convenience and entertainment, and most importantly, vaguely dissatisfied with our lives so that we continue wanting things we don’t have.”

You Are Doing a Noble Thing (Becoming Minimalist)

Summary: A brief and poetical article by Joshua Becker to remind you that no matter what you’re struggling with, you’re doing it right. Every time I read it, it’s like a deep, calming breath.

Notable quote: I’m actually not going to give you a quote for this one. To take it out of context would be to break the spell. Just go read the article. J

Are You Taking The False First Step? (Break the Twitch)

Summary: Everyone wants to be a better version of themselves. And everywhere around us, we see products—things—that promise to make us better. In this in-depth article, Anthony gives personal examples of the dangers of mistaking buying something for making actual progress, and advice on how to avoid that trap.

Notable quote: “Don’t let buying something be the action you take towards accomplishing your goal.”

Fall Remix Series: 10 Pieces x 10 Outfits (Unfancy)

Summary: After a couple of months back from her hiatus, Caroline is returning to the type of blogging that made her famous: Daily posts of outfits, mixed and matched, with the added challenge of showing us ten outfits made from just ten articles of clothing. I’m super excited!

Notable quote (from Outfit 3): “I want to banish the word ‘cheat’ from capsule wardrobes and fun wardrobe challenges forever. ‘Cheat’ adds this weird element of guilt to something that’s meant to be lighthearted and fascinating.”

Peak Stuff (Miss Minimalist)

Summary: IKEA’s Chief Sustainability Officer said earier this year that the West has hit “peak stuff” and is losing its appetite for consuming more. In this post, Miss Minimalist shares her own “peak stuff” epiphany and gives advice for recognizing your own. The comments are great, too.

Notable quote: “It’s an extraordinary feeling when the balance in your life shifts from acquiring things to releasing them.”

What’s inspiring you this week? Tell me in the comments or get ahold of me on Twitter!


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