Minspiration Monday: How do you simplify your eating habits?


This post isn’t two days late and backdated. I don’t know what you’re talking about. 🙂

On Saturday, my husband and I went to Sacramento’s Farm to Fork Festival. We loved poking through the booths of local agricultural entrepreneurs and advocates, taking in everything from wool yarn being spun before our eyes to rice growers demonstrating how to cook pork fried rice to honey flavored with lavender, cinnamon and habanero. Tent after tent taking up six blocks, plus live music and demo stages—really a testament to the incredible culture of local eating and commitment to whole foods.

It’s amazing how few pictures I have of us that aren’t selfies. Thanks, generous stranger!

Walking around the festival really got me thinking about food and minimalism. There is a strong correlation between minimalists and ethical, simple eating. I don’t know which is more common: ethical eaters becoming minimalists or minimalists becoming ethical eaters. It seems to go both ways. There are lots of reasons minimalists might adopt a simple (and often plant-based) diet. Here’s a quick list I’ve come up with:

– A minimal life reduces distractions, which allows you the time and presence to look critically at unhealthy habits, including junky eating, that you have.

– When you reduce what you buy, you have more disposable income that could be applied to better-tasting, ethically grown, local foods.

– When you lessen your consumption with the intent of reducing your carbon footprint, it’s a natural extension that you would align your eating habits with the goal of reducing environmental impact.

– Cooking simply (or not cooking at all, if you’re into that) decreases household energy and water use and frees up more of your time for your preferred pursuits.

– Simple eating means fewer ingredients taking up storage space, fewer trips to stores where you might be tempted to over-buy, and less waste.

– If you eat a plant-based, whole-food-heavy diet, everything you eat can be composted responsibly instead of causing plastic, paper, and meat trash.

Is simple eating on your mind? What habits have you developed to make your eating habits support your minimalist lifestyle? I’m still considering options for myself—it’s definitely tough to eat ethically and locally on a tight budget—but I’d love to hear how you’re making it work for yourselves! Let’s chat on Twitter.


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