Minspiration Monday: The “Reclaim” Project

Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde holds smog particles collected by the Smog Free Tower, the world’s largest smog vacuum cleaner. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj


All last month, HuffPost ran a series of articles aimed at “Reducing the World of Waste.” The project touched on responsible clothing shopping (and donation), food waste, poverty, anecdotes from minimalists, pollution, ways to repair or revitalize worn-out possessions, and sustainable alternatives to current processes. It’s inspiring but uncomfortable at points–which is exactly why it’s so important to know more about.

A couple of my favorite articles from the series:

“Nearly All My Possessions Fit In A Suitcase, And I’ve Never Been Happier” – An article from a “digital nomad” who freelances her way around the world with her husband. I love that she includes a description of her entire capsule wardrobe.

“I Just Purged 80 Percent Of My Closet. Why Do I Feel So Guilty?” – An article from a woman who had to downsize in order to move to Hong Kong. I appreciate her frank discussion about her attempts to get rid of her clothes responsibly and her guilt at what happens to the rest.

“A ‘Smog Vacuum’ Will Clean China’s Air, Turning Pollution Into Jewelry” – An article about the “Smog Free Project” a Dutch artist is undertaking in Beijing, wherein a two-story tower acts as “an extra-large air-purifier” to clean 40,000 cubic yards of air each hour. The best part: After collecting the smog particles from the tower, the artist compresses them into jewels for rings and cufflinks.


Check out the “Reclaim” series here, and let’s talk about it! What inspired you the most? What depressed you the most? Did the series motivate you to make any changes?


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