Welcome to Minspiration! I’mkaitlinsmall.jpg Kaitlin.

I live in the Sacramento area with my husband and our dog. I’m a big fan of bright lipstick, portmanteaus (see: the name of this blog), and any recipe that starts with sautéing butter + garlic + onions.

I first discovered the minimalist lifestyle in October 2014, after reading Lessons from Madame Chic and creating my first capsule wardrobe via Unfancy. Since then, I’ve truly enjoyed challenging myself to live with less so that I can live more. Whether you’re brand new to the concept of minimalism or a longtime tiny houser with less than 100  possessions, I’m so glad you’re here to join this community of support and inspiration.

Minspiration came about because I felt that my particular lifestyle isn’t one that’s that common among more famous minimalists–but is one that many other normal people share. I love bright colors and wall art, have a spouse who isn’t a minimalist at all, work an office day job, live in a suburban apartment, and am neither a globetrotting urban socialite nor a zen Zero Waste homesteader. Basically, I write about my minimalist journey because it’s not an ideal picture–it’s a realistic one. And I think lots of people can relate to that.

So please, stop and take a look, and then get ahold of me on Twitter. I would love to meet you! Join my vision of full, colorful, meaningful simple living: minimalism, maximized. 


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